Storing my stuff

Yesterday I talked with a friend about storing my stuff. He thinks I shouldn’t put anything in storage. I am pretty close to agreeing with him. It will cost money I probably won’t have. But there are some things I want to keep. I will just have to decide how much and who might keep them for me.  Depressionware I think Liz would take. I  might want to keep my bed frame and I have to keep my hope chest. It was my namesakes.  I am sure the list will grow as I think more. my table and chairs? my kitchen table? time will tell.



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  1. Lynn said,

    May 4, 2007 at 9:25 am

    I’ll bet if you ask friends most will be willing and probably happy to store things. I read an article on this in the “Tightwad Gazette” once. The folks storing things were often thrilled because they got use of something for a couple of years, that they woudn’t otherwise have had the opportunity to have in their homes. And instead of putting them in an impersonal storage facility, you will be putting them in homes surrounded by people not in a lonely metal box.
    Just a thought.

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