Application submitted.

The application is submitted. In 3-4 weeks I should hear from the recruiter. I am on my way.

Here is my essay on why I want to join the Peace Corps. Regular readers have probably heard most of this because I solidified my reasons by blogging about them.


An my essay about a cross cultural experience.

PC Cross Cultural

I am excited a bit terrified. Mostly because I think I should be a little terrified but really I can hardly wait for them to contact me and make it more real!

kuala lumpur here i come!



Today I finished my two essays and have started the online application. Oh my. I am really going to do this!


Baseball and Ice Cream?

Will there be baseball and ice cream in Kuala Lumpur?  No American Idol I suppose either.  Had ice cream with ‘net today and wondered if this would be my last summer of ice cream for a while.  Flipped between listening to the Red Sox and Yankees and watching Idol finale and wondered too how much i’ll miss baseball. TV not so much. I only watch two shows. 60 Minutes and Idol when I could. and Idol I can only stand because there are some talented people on. Ryan with his high drama on results night and Simon with his cruel criticism I could live without.

(No I don’t know where I am going yet. I just use Kuala Lumpur as a metaphor. )



Ok, so I haven’t tackled that application yet. Making a scrapbook for my granddaughter seems a lot more fun! BUT I have gotten two recommendations. Thanks so much to Diane, who was a boss and now a co-worker and Debbie from Cedar Mountain Commons. I am not sure I recognize the lovely person you are describing in your letters.

It was interesting how difficult it was for me to finally ask for personal references. One hurdle jumped. Now on to the last big hurdle in this pre-application period. This weekend for sure.



How do people blog every day? I find I don’t have something to say everyday. I bet that will change when I go overseas.


I will miss the sight and smell of lilacs.
Disclaimer. Home Harmony is NOT a sponsor of my blog. I just loved the video of the lilacs.

eBay Sales

Is eBay working? I am not really sure. All I can say is that I haven’t lost money in the three weeks I have been learning the eBay ropes. So I guess that means it’s working! I wish I had more books, cds and dvds because is working out very well. It’s easy to post items there. They give you a wonderful idea of the going price. The hardest part of eBay was figuring shipping costs. I invested in a postage scale so that cut into my profits but I think I will earn it back because I won’t have to over estimate weights when I print shipping labels from my computer. Printing shipping labels from home is also very convenient. I get the box ready to ship weigh it then go to PayPal to print shipping labels. no hauling boxes to the post office and waiting in line for postage. I just put the boxes in a big bag  and drop them on the counter at the P.O. They know my name by now!

So eBay is working enough for me to continue selling my stuff.


Application Looming

The application is partially filled out sitting on the stool beside my favorite chair. I have three recommendations to get. I have one why I want to go essay to finish and I have one essay about a past cross cultural experience to start! Guess when I finish the application and turn it in i am one more step committed, one more BIG step.


On the backburner

The past few days I have put thoughts of the Peace Corps on the back burner to see what will happen when I return to them.  Will the  idea of actually going away for two years+, possibly living in a ‘grass hut’ and not knowing a soul peculate in my subconscious and come back and say YOU ARE CRAZY WOMAN!

Peace Corps on the web

I am a librarian by profession so of course I have researched the Peace Corps on the web. Here are some links I have found helpful.

The Real Peace Corps

Peace Corps

So you want to join the Peace Corps?

Peace Corps Writers

Peace Corps Online – News from Peace Corps Countries

National Peace Corps Association – for returned volunteers

Peace Corps Gallery


JFK describing the Peace Corps

I was three years old when JFK made this speech. The Peace Corps was proposed the previous fall.


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