Living conditions

My mom is worried I will get in country and HATE it. That I will not be able to adjust to the living conditions. I have got to know myself by now, don’t I?  To know that I am a cup half full person and will see what’s good and focus on what’s good. And I want to push beyond my comfort zone.  To learn if I am made of what I think I am.  At tel Lachish I spent a month in a tent. Yes I was 20 but it was my attitude that I believe has not changed. So I didn’t have my curling iron or my hair dryer. So I couldn’t take a bath every day. So I had to check my shoes for scorpions.  It was worth it for all the things I was able to do and what I got out of it. And in the Peace Corps what I am able to give back will make even more valuable.

I grew up with all the comforts of upper middle class. Never worried about food, clothing or shelter. Had more than I needed or wanted.  When I got married my standard of living dropped considerably. Of course I didn’t like it and it was hard. But there was love, joy and fun. We found and made happiness despite money worries and extras.

I am not really happy with my job duties at MPOW. My job has been significantly changed over the past two to three years. BUT I am happy there. Today I was singing. I laugh with my coworkers, I enjoy the patrons. Life, home and work, is about relationships. About connections with people. Where ever you are you can connect with people and touch them and they can touch you.

Can I say 100% that I won’t HATE the living conditions, that I will be unhappy if I have to sleep in a hammock for two years. No I can’t say that it’s impossible that I will hate the living conditions, all things are possible but I believe it’s truly improbable.


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