More eBay sales and cleansing

I have the day off today and will be posting more items to eBay for sale. This is a very practical move. I can get money for items that are laying around my house, clean out my house before I move. It’s a great learning process. I just found I can order free boxes with USPS and the eBay logo on them and USPS will mail them directly to my home for free!!! I am learning about eBay selling, auctions, fixed price Buy It Now sales and an eBay store. All very practical and interesting results of wanting to store as little as possible for two years.

But it’s also a spiritual process. It’s very cleansing. I am looking in my shoe closet. DO I REALLY NEED ALL THOSE SHOES!!! and also realizing that some of those shoes I have worn less than 10 times.  and I am wishy washy about somethings. How much of my depression ware do I sell? Do I sell the rare pieces to make more money or do I save those? and why would i save them? What about my Christmas village? how much am i shedding? Where will I be after the Peace Corps? Will I go to grad school and thus they would not be needed even longer? Sometimes I want to sell as much as will sell other times i am unsure.   I will hold off on the items I am unsure of.

So my goal today is to photograph 20 items in my home and put them up on eBay. I will try a fixed price auction this time and see how that goes.


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