Won’t I Miss….

Yesterday a friend asked me “Won’t I miss Fiya and your kids?” Of course I will.  My youngest daughter understands and fully supports my decision. When I told her she said “I knew I came from somewhere!” My older daughter knows its something that means a lot to me. I would hope when Fiya gets older it will be something she is proud of and also something she will consider doing.

It did make me think leaving them for two years. Am I cold to my family? Don’t they mean as much to me as people in some other country? Do people ask younger volunteers these same questions? My answers were no, yes-more, and probably with slightly different emphasis. I love my family and I gave a lot to them when they were growing up.  It’s time for me now. And yes this journey is a lot for me.  But this is also more teaching by example for my family. I hope they will learn that it’s important to give back.


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