What I want to do

I imagine going to a small community to work on information technology. I hope I could use all my skills with hardware, software and my knowledge of the internet. It would be fun to teach people how to use software, how to find it for free on the internet and how to maintain their computers, how technology could be a tool that could blend into their lives but not take over their lives.

I want to become a part of the community so I can understand what they want to do with technology. But also I want to  get to know the people and their culture and lives. I have imagined blogging consistently about my experiences and posting photos on flickr so everyone back home can keep in touch with me.  Personally I want to photograph a new place and new people. I would like my secondary project to involve photography if the people there are interested.

Bahamas will be on my list of places I would like to serve. I would love to serve near the ocean and beach in a warm place.

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