1st Doubts

I had my first doubts about joining as I began to realize I will most likely not be in touch with my family and friends on a daily basis. Although the world is getting smaller and smaller – there are still some remote places without electricity and internet access. In my ignorance or naivety I had imagined I would be in daily contact by internet with my family and friends. It was a wake up call.   It would be great to say to my nearest and dearest that I will only be as far away as the internet but maybe we will all have to learn to use snail mail again.

And I realized I may not have enough money to come home during the two years I am away depending on where I am located. I will have to start building a nest egg.

It’s good to have the doubts and to examine the idea critically. I am very much the cup half full person and often don’t see the negative aspects of something new.


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