Why the Peace Corps

I know that there is so much that could be done here in the United States. I have reached out to people in the United States – near with local social services and far with Habitat for Humanity and other gifts in disasters. And I assume after I finish my time with the Peace Corps I will continue to do the same.

The biggest reason for me to join the Peace Corps is that I want to go to another country. The more that country is different from the US the better. I love visiting new places, learning about the culture, the people and the land itself. The opportunity to photograph a new place and new people excites me. There are probably not that many people my age and with my life experience who can drop everything and take two years+ to volunteer for the Peace Corps. Many of the people who want to may be kept here by the job or family obligations.

It’s the right time for me. My family is grown. My youngest daughter is getting married in July. I am divorced. My mom is a fairly healthy 80 year old. I am at a crossroads in my career. I am ready to make a career change from Librarian to Photographer. It would be an interlude between one stage of my life and the next.

I would like some time to get outside myself and focus on helping others. My technology background, maintaining the library network and computer instruction, could be an big asset to a developing country. There are countless possibilities with the internet for commerce, education and communication. Web 2.0 has made content creation and commerce so easy. Computers without internet access can make a big difference in all aspects of life.

The Peace Corps has been around for a long time. It is well organized and has a good reputation. Yes it is part hippie nostalgia to want to join the Peace Corps but it is also a recognition of the organization and the work it has done over the years.

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